Why trying to lose weight doesn’t work.

There’s this idea in yoga that if you make your goal happiness, you’ll never be happy.

You might get all the things you thought would make you happy.
Money. Power. Fame. A big house.

But what ever it is, you won’t actually feel happy when you get it.


They say, if you make your goal something else, like being of service to the world, knowing the truth, or taking care of your next door neighbor, you are likely to create a sense of lasting inner joy…as a by-product.

The same logic applies to losing weight.

Losing weight, in and of itself, is a crappy goal.

This is one of the main reasons people end up on weight loss roller coasters.

Because, losing weight doesn’t actually get you anything.

You won’t all of a sudden be happy, confident, or in a dreamy relationship.

You won’t even necessarily be ‘healthy’.

Those are bi-products of changing your habits, and seeing yourself in a different way.

Not the result of losing weight.

Once you realize your weight is not your real problem, you have a chance of getting your priorities straight.

Once you have your priorities straight, it becomes much easier to change ‘bad’ habits.

Once you change your habits, you will lose weight.

That’s the order of lasting change.

Everything else is just temporarily fooling yourself, and setting yourself up for eventual certain disappointment.

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