Eat This

The other day, I was talking to a friend about some dental work I was getting.

I’d been up late the night before, reading about how some common dental procedures and the chemicals used during them actually damage teeth more, setting people up to need even more dental work in the future.

I didn’t know whether to proceed as planned, go back to my old dentist, or look for another one and get yet another opinion.

And I had to make the decision within a matter of hours, because my appointment was at 2 that afternoon.

My wise friend said this:

"I don’t know about teeth. But the way you’re stressing out over this is probably way more harmful than any dental work.”

That stopped me in my tracks.


I immediately took a deep breath. And relaxed.

The same principle applies to food.

If you’re stressed about what you’re eating or not eating. Worrying about a scale, how tight your pants are today, or whether your getting the right nutrients, or beating yourself up for that cookie you just ate…you are (most likely) causing yourself more harm than whatever you put or don't put in your mouth. (The exceptions to this would be if you have a severe allergy to a specific food and eat it anyway, or are consume something poisonous.)

Now there are many smart people out there who would argue otherwise - as your logical brain probably is probably doing right now too.

But that’s the way of things.

What we eat matters, of course.

But what we think, how we feel, and how we perceive ourselves and the world - impacts our health (and our weight) just as much, if not more.

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