This is more important than food and exercise

Last summer I was at a family barbecue with a friend.

As we all sat down to eat, her cousin said something that caught people’s attention, and created a short awkward silences at the table.

She said, “I’m a big girl, I need to feed myself.”

She had a heaping pile of food on her plate, which I hadn’t noticed until that moment.

Everyone looked at her plate, laughed and went on enjoying the afternoon.

Many people are not aware of one of the main motivators in human behavior.

In marketing psychology, it’s called Consistency.

It basically goes like this:
People have an extremely strong drive to align their actions with who they perceive themselves to be.

Particularly if they have said something out loud in front of others.

Many people comment on their weight, excuse what their eating or say other things in an attempt to pre-empt judgement (imagined or real) from others.

While this may make them feel more comfortable in the short run, it costs them in the long run.

Because as soon as you say something out loud to another person, your unconscious does its best to align itself with that statement.

So one thing you can do today that will greatly assist you in your weight loss journey:

Start paying attention to how you talk about yourself.

In your mind and to others.

And stop, when you notice you're about to say something that doesn’t align with who or how you want to be.

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Once you change how you see yourself, the rest is easy.

Kate (& Jason)


Jason Su