Eating only "healthy" foods can keep you from your healthy goals

We’ve all done it.

“If I just cut out carbs…I’ll lose weight fast.”

“If I only eat ‘whole foods’…I’ll feel better.”

“If I stay under 1500 calories…it should make some kind of dent.”

The thing is, anytime you cut out a food or anything from the perspective of deprivation, you’re just setting yourself up to binge on that exact same food (or something close) later on.

It could be a matter of hours.

Or days.

Or weeks.

Or months.

But the binge will happen.

Its much better to let yourself have whatever - and even eat so much of it that you feel crappy, until you honestly don’t want that food anymore.


When you get your mental game right…

There is a place beyond deprivation, where you start to crave more and more “healthy” foods.

And one day you’ll notice you reach for the spinach more often than the cookies.

Or your ‘favorite’ chocolate doesn’t taste so good anymore.

Or you realize you enjoy food so much more when you’re sitting down an enjoying it without any distractions.

And, sure the next day, you may still reach for a cookie.

But you’ll know you’re on the right path, when that cookie doesn’t make you feel as good as it used to.

Until that day…

Don’t try to fake it.

You can’t fool your body.

Or yourself.

You’re only prolonging the pain.

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