Stop torturing yourself

If you’re truly motivated to finally take your health into your own hands, there’s something you should know…

The majority of overweight people, never lose the weight.

Of those who do, almost everyone gains it back.

Like over 95%.

That may be a depressing statistic, but it's not hard to believe when you take a look around you.

Obviously, you want your effort to stick.

So, here’s the difference between lasting success, and yet another cycle of failure…

When you lose weight before gaining it back, you:

- do things you have zero chance of sustaining
- constantly deprive yourself of things you want
- follow someone else’s formula even though it’s your body

Sound familiar?

When you lose weight for the last time, you:

- enjoy everything you eat and eat as much as you want
- eliminate cravings from your life
- know exactly which foods work for you
- make the journey feel easy

That’s right

It has to feel easy.

"Working hard" will actually hold you back on this one.

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I’ve walked this path, know exactly how it’s done, and what it takes.

Jason (& Kate)

Jason Su