Want to lose weight? Do nothing

The first and most important step when making any big change in your life is one most people don't take.

It's this:

Do nothing.

Just observe.

This is is not a popular move.

Most people notice a ‘problem’, i.e. “I feel crappy,” or “I don’t like the way I look” - and they immediately want to fix it.

They want to DO something.

Some people decide they are going on a diet right away. Others research, ask for advice, read books. Some people decide they need to move more, so they get a gym membership, (or worse a dog that needs a lot of exercise). Or they throw out all the ‘bad’ food in the house, and vow only buy only fruits and vegetables going forward.

And sometimes this works, sometimes people randomly land on a change of habit that works for them in the long run.

But most people don’t.

Because this is like seeing a tiny pebble at the bottom of a pool of still water, sticking your hand in it, shaking it all around, kicking up all the dirt, making the water murky - and THEN trying to find your pebble.

It doesn’t give you very good odds of grabbing what you want.

Which is bad, because the most important skill you need to develop to change any habit, is the ability to observe yourself.

When you do this, you discover a treasure trove of information,


No book, expert, doctor or guru is going to be able to tell you as much about your body as you will be able to learn when you develop the habit of observing without changing your behavior.

Yes, of course there will be a time to change what you do.

But when you start off just observing, magical things happen - with waaaaaay less effort.

Try it.

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