You should eat what you want

Nothing is worse than depriving yourself of something you REALLY want in that moment.

It’s pure torture.

That’s why I tell people,

“Eat whatever you want, while you slowly change what you crave.”

Cravings are whimsical - they come and go as they please and don’t care whether or not you want them there.

You may win a battle or two, but you’ll always lose the war

Until you go deeper. When you get underneath the source of your cravings, they eventually start to change. Imagine feeling a huge food craving coming on, but instead of cake or chips you desperately want a yummy salad! How would that change your life?

You CAN rewire your mind and your body to want what’s actually good for you.

In the meantime, stop making yourself suffer and enjoy your snack.

It’s not the end of the world :)

If you're sick of those cravings and ready for big change, join us:

Happy Snacking,

Jason (& Kate)

Jason Su