8 healthy habits that don't involve changing what you eat

Most diet books and health gurus say that the root of health and weight problems is what you eat.

We disagree.

We say how you eat is more important.

Or at least, just as important.

How you eat - and how you feel while you're eating - directly impacts what you eat, how much, how often, and the impact food has on your body.

In other words…

Mindset is everything when it comes to food.

Here are eight behaviors, that when integrated into your lifestyle, will dramatically change how you relate to food.

1. Breathe

Most people don’t breathe while eating. Take a full-breath and relax between each bite.

2. Taste

Use your taste buds as your guide for what you eat, and how much. If what you are eating isn’t delicious (or when it stops being as delicious as when you started), stop eating. It’s a simple concept, but once you start you’ll realize that you've been following all kinds of other rules about what to eat and when.

3. Focus

When you are eating, don’t do anything else. Pay attention to your food. Don’t read, watch TV, stare at your phone or listen to a podcast. If you are eating with someone else, stop talking when you put food in your mouth.

4. Notice

How do you feel after you eat? Is your stomach noisy? Do you feel satisfied? Energized? Heavy? Do you crash after a couple hours? Are you still hungry?

5. Play with your food

Most of us think a certain way of eating is proper, so we stick to that. But HOW you eat has a huge impact on your experience. Eat your salad with chopsticks. Pick sushi up with your hands (that’s how they do it in Japan anyway). Scoop a bite of mashed potatoes up with your finger. Lick your plate clean.

6. Change one thing

If there’s something you eat regularly, change one thing about it.
Drink more water - Yeah, boring and basic, but true. (And this habit also goes a long way if you want clear, radiant skin.)

7. Eat dinner for breakfast

Even most ‘healthy’ breakfasts have a ton of sugar in them, see what it feels like to something totally different for breakfast.

8. Make it pretty

Plate your food in a way that is appealing. Even if its take out, make it look nice. Pour sparkling water in a wine glass. Light a candle. (Why do you think restaurants go through the hassle of creating ambiance?)

Print this list and post it where you’ll look at it.

Take stock of how you feel now.

Because once these behaviors become habits, you’ll look back and notice you have a totally different relationship with food.

Last and most important, these changes are way more fun, and sustainable, than vowing to workout everyday or never eat another doughnut again.

So enjoy.

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