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I’ve never been into juice fasts, cleanses or 5,10 or 30-day challenges of any sort.

Mostly because I’ve never been drawn to them.

And I like to eat.

I’ve never thought that much about them, until recently.

I’ve realized that all those fasts, cleanses and challenges out there are even worse than just mostly-marketing-ploys that make people hungry for a few days at a time.

And not just because they can wreak havoc on your body and metabolism in the long run.

(The body will do almost anything to stabilize itself, I potinficated about in yesterday’s email).


They also ingrain the mental concept that deprivation leads you somewhere good.

Which is doesn’t.

Sure eating whole foods for 30 days is great.

Discovering you feel good when you take crap out of your diet is awesome.

But unless you are making the above discovery for the first time in your life, or are already super advanced and just looking to hone your diet even more…

Setting out to do anything for a limited amount of time, ingrains the wrong mentality.

You reap feel-good benefits in the short run.

But you miss the most critical component of real health:

consistently awesome behaviors over years

and years,

and years,

and years,

and then

some more years.

I’m not saying that under certain circumstances, for particular individuals, short-term food experiments don’t serve a useful purpose.

But most people on a 5-day water fast, probably aren’t thinking:

“Hmmmmm, I wonder how I could more easily integrate this not eating habit into my day-to-day life going forward?”

It’s like the difference between going on a date and marrying someone.

You can grin and bear, or and maybe even enjoy, spending a few hours with almost anyone - precisely because you know it’s going to end.
But if you knew you were going to be spending the rest of your life with someone, you’d have a totally different set of perspective-goggles on. Hopefully, you’d be asking yourself something along the lines of, “Is this the person I want around even on the worst days of my life?”

In any case, if I were into challenges,

I’d invite you to join a “10 year get-healthy-challenge”!

Where you approach your health like wealth, asking yourself, “What are the little habits I can change each day, that will over time, reap big rewards?”

But we’re not into health challenges…we’re into health easy-nesses,

So you are officially invited to join us at something even better:


Kate (& Jason)


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