Quitting cold turkey

When most people want to make a big change, they get amped up. They decide to quit, or start, something cold turkey.

They say, “I’m never going to eat sugar again.”

Or, “I’m going to exercise everyday.”

They’ve had enough. They’re just going to do it once and for all.

Whatever it is.

They might even change their environment to support their new direction.

Throwing out all the ‘junk food’ in their house. Or adopting a dog that needs a lot of exercise with the idea that they’ll take it on daily runs.

This is a great sentiment. The energy you round up can really get you motivated.

But, inevitably, it wears off.

It’s fueled by adrenaline. And we can’t keep running adrenaline forever.

A master move is being able to use this enthusiasm to your advantage.

To set clear goals, and prepare for the inevitable road bumps along the way.  

This is where most diets, food plans, exercise regimes, personal trainers, weight-loss communities, and everyone else out there leaves you hanging.

Nobody likes to talk about the fact that you will not ride a high forever.

This is because telling people they are inevitably going to come crashing back down to reality does not sell.

People live in the real world. Most of the time, they buy products or into ideas, precisely because they want to escape their real world experience. So they can pretend that if they just drink celery juice with 30 grams of protein everyday for the next thirty days, their life will be totally changed.

This is what marketing is all about.

Tapping into your deepest desires - and telling you a great story of how you can escape your fears and inadequacies.

Unfortunately, this makes real life even harder. Because not only have you tried and failed to change, you’ve become cynical to the idea that change is even possible.

And that’s where most people stop.

It seems easier to just hunker down and accept where you are, then to get on that roller coaster again.

Until it gets so painful, that you do.

This is a difficult habit to break, especially without a roadmap.

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