No cake, no cookies, no cupcakes…no weight loss? No surprise.

You can deprive yourself of all the foods you love for such long periods of time and not see any weight loss.


Two reasons.

First your body can, and will, out last your willpower.

If you’ve been eating a certain way or at a certain weight for a long time, that is your body’s set point. It does not want to change. It will do everything it can to keep you there for as long as possible. 9 times out of 10 this is longer than you can hold yourself back from reverting back to your old habits.

The second - and much more important - reason is psychological. When you tell yourself you can’t have something, all your brain hears is ‘something’.

So you say, ‘No cake. Bad cake. Tomorrow, I will stop eating cake.’

All your brain hears is “Cake. Cake. Cake.”

Eventually, you will eat cake.

Coincidentally, the same thing happens for people who struggle with addiction. “No alcohol, no alcohol, no alcohol” usually ends in lots of alcohol or a life of anxiety and struggle trying to avoid alcohol.

Unfortunately, this is how 99% of the weight loss and fitness world works too. They tell you what you can’t have, and then tell you you just need more resolve, to work harder or stick to it longer.

This is why most people who are ‘overweight’ are walking around out there feeling like something is wrong with them, like it’s their fault, like if they just tried a little harder, or stuck to something for more than a few weeks or months, they should and would be able to be different.

And it doesn’t help to have those thoughts reinforced by the media and everyone you know and

This is simply not the case.

There’s a better, easier, more kind and loving way.

A way that doesn’t involve counting calories, weighing yourself, or depriving yourself.

Sure it takes a little work…but so much less than everything you’ve already tried.

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