New is not better. Better is better.

There’s an old-fashioned way to get rich.

I learned about it when I was just out of college, working for an arts non-profit.

We organized summer concerts in the concrete courtyard between two office towers in downtown LA.

I loved coming into work everyday, because I got to meet new people, listen to awesome music, and hear great stories - and the woman I worked for was inspiring.

One day I sat at my desk, which was the end of a table in her office that served as her desk, my desk and home for probably 1,000 CDs. She said, “Kate, I just visited my mom and found out she’s sitting on a cool $2 mil in her retirement account.”

My boss was clearly impressed.

She went on to say her mom lived a simple, frugal, life. She never would have guessed that she had saved that much money.

I don’t remember what her mom did, but she lived somewhere in the mid-west, had 5 children and didn’t make a lot. She might have been a school teacher. And her husband was long gone.

Whatever her occupation, she probably never made over $40K a year. She may have inherited some money, but not likely much. That was a TON of money for that woman to have.

I thought it was cool. And the conversation stuck with me.

The lesson:

Small and sustainable adds up over time.

Nothing new or revolutionary.

There are lots of hot flashy ways to get rich-quick but most of us know everyday folk can build wealth over time.

It’s also how you learn a new language, grow a successful business, and gain any new skill.

But few people apply this logic to their health.

Even the most intelligent folks I know, are often looking to win the health lottery…

“If I just cut out carbs, I'll feel great and lose a ton of weight”


“If I just take these vitamins and drink a gallon of water a day and don’t eat too much all will be well”



Most new diet ideas are actually terrible, physically and psychologically.

And, ineffective.

Small and sustainable steps may be decidedly un-sexy and un-innovative, but it works.

And, everyone - even you - can do it.

You don’t need luck. Or fancy strategies. Or lots of money. Or the latest technology.

And you can start today.

You don't even need us.

But we make it easy.

Our “Do It Right, Do It Once” program teaches you how to change your relationship with food and your body, so you start feeling great right away.

This takes the pressure off you to lose weight quick, because just like get rich quick schemes, lose weight quick scheme don’t usually turn out pretty.

Then you learn how to do something truly useful - create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

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