Losing weight is a grind. Just not the kind you're thinking.

What if I told you there was a diet where you could eat anything you want…


Lose all the weight you want…

And, keep it off forever?


Keep eating whatever you want, while staying at your ideal weight, til the day they put you in the ground, or turn you into dust or a diamond, or send your cold body to outer space…

(You would think I was a slick, snake oil salesman, selling something too good to be true. But stay with me here.)

If you were on this diet, you’d look at all the people grinding away…

Counting calories and macros, huffing and puffing and looking at their scales in dismay, as they gain back that same 20 pounds they’ve lost five times over the last 4 years, and you’d say:

“Wow, that looks like a lot of work.”

Cause, it is a lot of work.

Losing weight is a grind.

But 99% of people are grinding in the wrong direction.

They’re trying to control the external results, without changing the internal inputs.

What you need to grind is your mind.

And not in the sense of working harder, longer or faster.

But in the sense of changing your core thoughts and beliefs around what is possible.

And what is pleasurable.

If what you craved 98% of the time was only the healthiest foods for your body…

If you went from craving cupcakes and cookies, to craving all things green and crunchy..

If stress eating were a choice instead of an option…

If overtime you “fell off the wagon” you knew you’d be back on it in a matter of hours (not days or weeks)…

If what you wanted to eat in the moment, and what you wanted for your long term goals lined up almost all of the time…

How quickly would your life would change for the better?

Very quickly and drastically.

There are great tips, practical knowledge and time-tested strategies to ‘fix’ what you eat and help you workout but they are like the wings on a plane, if you’re engine ain’t working right, you’re not gonna get far.

The best part is:

Changing your habits and desires is easy (at least the way we teach it).

Especially compared to what most people put themselves through, which looks more like a trip to the fiery pits of hell and back, over and over again.

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