The dirty little marketing secret that could be derailing your weight loss dreams

Here’s a handy tidbit of information you may not know.

Way back, when I first started coaching, I took a marketing course packed with useful information by the great Marie Forleo. She said one thing that blew my mind. Because it was so true, and had dominated my life, and the lives of many of my friends and family.

It was this:

Your brain does not know the difference between consuming something (i.e. watching a movie, reading, seeing someone else experience something) and actually experiencing it yourself.

This is why we feel sad when we see others crying,

Enjoy watching scary movies,


Feel we’ve accomplished things we haven’t, simply because we've read about them.

If you read or watch a video about doing something, say, eating a certain way or moving more, you are essentially tricking a deep part of your brain into thinking you’ve already done it.

When of course, in real life, you haven’t done a thing.

This is great for marketing.

(Because people get a little endorphin rush, or sense of ease, every time they read your stuff.)


It is bad for people who want to make changes in real life.

There are many studies (or at least one that I read somewhere) that show negative correlation between the amount of time spent consuming information, and productive action.

This is why everyone online is obsessed with making 'content'.

People keep consuming information, even if it makes no real impact on their lives - simply because it feels good.

(By the way, this is essentially what artificial sweeteners do to our brains too. We get the 'reward' of sweetness, without actually having consumed anything useful, so our bodies want more and more trying to get the benefits of real sugar.)


If you’re going to put yourself on a diet of any kind,

Cut back on the amount of information you read, watch, and listen to about losing weight, getting fit, or being healthy.

Most of it is total B.S. anyway.

And yes, I am aware that it’s a bit ironic that I’m sending you this in one of our daily emails.

But we want you to be informed.

Our favorite clients are people who know what’s going on.

And I didn’t say you have to stop reading everything.

In fact, the best kind of content to consume is real, hard-to-find, and valuable information that can actually lead to you doing something different than what you’ve done in the past,

Like what we share in our “Do It Right, Do It Once” program, which you can join right here:

Anyway, that’s today’s lesson.

You’re welcome.

Kate (& Jason)


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