When was the last time this happened to you

You did your research and you know exactly what foods to eat and which exercise program is the perfect fit for you.

You start and everything goes well, you lose weight faster than you even hoped.

You feel good.

People are noticing…

Six months later, you weigh more than you did when you started that whole thing.

Your work is a little more sluggish, you never started that hobby you were thinking about.

You’re ordering pizza - again.

Your mind flashes back to that stretch where you were really taking good care of yourself and you think, “What the hell happened?”

It wasn’t the what, it was the how.

You didn’t have the systems in place to make it feel easy each day and ensure that you would succeed.

In order to win this game, your mindset and goals need to be perfectly aligned.

When you do these things correctly, you only need to do it once.

Then the rest of your life is, well, yours.

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