You only get one body

I grew up in Houston, one of the fattest cities in the world.

When I fly home to see my family,

I’m always greeted by a sea of wheelchairs in the airport for people who can’t walk themselves out.

Most of these people aren’t elderly.

They’re simply obese from years of neglecting their body.

The city has prospered over the decades, and many have created great wealth for themselves.

But those who traded their optimal health for more a little more money have given up the one thing they can never buy back: savoring their retirement.

There are so many people out there now who are wealthy but can’t enjoy it because their bodies have broken down from all the years of neglect.

They can’t run around with their grandchildren, they live in constant pain, and when they finally go on those “dream vacations”, they sit by the pool while everyone else goes on that magical hike.

Why work so hard for something you can’t enjoy?

If you’re working hard, crushing it in your business, but not fully taking care of yourself, you might want to rethink this and invest some time and energy back into the vessel that’s going to carry you for the rest of your life.

Jason (& Kate)

Jason SuComment