Does your food turn you on?

We all have a type of person we’re attracted to.

Our bodies get excited when we get near “our type” and we label this feeling "attraction."

Everyone has a different type.

And we’re all okay with that.

Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to the same place with food yet.

Each of us has a different “type” of eating style that suits us best and keeps us feeling fresh, happy, and alert throughout our days.

Low carb, vegetarian, intermittent fasting, there are literally thousands of methods to choose from.

But we all have certain food types that works best for each of us based on our unique DNA.

Some diets tend to produce great results more often than others, but we’re also wary about trying to convince anyone into one particular way of eating.

We’d much rather be there with you as you discover your own perfect foods.

Listening to your body is the only way to find your ideal food type.

If you’re really listening, you’ll know when something isn’t quite right, and then you can choose something new.

You’ll know you’re doing well when you realize one day that you haven’t thought about your eating plan lately.

It has simply become a natural part of your daily routine.

Jason & Kate

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