How you'll know you're finally going to lose the weight

I’ve found that everyone who ever lost a huge amount of weight and KEPT it off had one thing in common …

They eventually hit a point where what they were feeling, how they were being, and the amount of life they were missing out on became COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

Once we realize something is TOTALLY unacceptable, we ALWAYS reverse it.

Somewhat or mostly unacceptable?

That doesn’t lead to permanent change…

If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of gaining and losing weight, or not being able to lose any weight, the problem may simply be that deep down, you’re still at least a tiny bit okay with your situation.

The day you decide that what you’ve gotten yourself into is no longer acceptable for YOU is the day you start losing the weight for good.

You’ll know it when you feel it.

And when you do feel it, get excited, because your life will never be the same.

You’re in for an awesome ride.

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