NYC bankers, integrity and weight loss

This weekend my friend’s husband, a bigwig at a bank in NYC, told me he thinks he’s going to get fired.

He’s really good at what he does, has spent years advancing his career and manages over 5,000 people. They have a super cute apartment in the city, own several houses, have a very expensive car, and travel the world with their children multiple times a year.

But, he got caught stealing.

When he said this, I did a double take, thinking I hadn’t heard correctly.

When he repeated that he had been caught stealing, I assumed that he had been stealing money, because what else in the world would he need to steal?

But no.

A few minutes later he explained that he had been caught on the company’s video surveillance stealing apples and coffee from the little work cafeteria on his floor.


Like apples from a basket, and cups of coffee from a machine, the kind people are asked to pay for on the honor system. I was shocked and laughed.

A leader of thousands, who has enough money to pay for organic apples and Starbucks for everyone who works for him, who is by no means stingy with money, just didn’t want to pay for those apples and coffee.

This is called being out of integrity.

On the surface, it’s just apples and coffee, no big deal. But underneath it is a big deal.

It’s painful.

He explained that he was relieved and in retrospect, had realized he didn't actually want to work there, but hadn't had the balls to quit, so he was unconsciously hoping to get caught.

Whatever his reasons, his actions weren't lined up with the man he wants to be; the person he really is.  

And, this is one of the most painful places someone can be - to see that their actions aren’t aligned with who they really are.

Yet, people do this to themselves all the time, in so many different ways.

Anytime we don't keep our agreements, or go after goals that are really important to us, or when we say things we don't mean to the people we love. We do this to ourselves when when we eat things we don’t want to eat, or don't workout when we know we would feel better if we did.

When your actions don’t line up with who you want to be, or where you want to go, it literally eats away at you.

And there is no true relief, except to get into integrity.

This is one of the reasons people start to feel great almost immediately when they implement the strategies we teach in the “Do It Right, Do It Once” system. You can get in integrity around food very quickly, long before you lose weight.

This in and of itself, makes people feel like they’ve shed a hundred pounds, and it’s natural rocket fuel for whatever other changes are necessary.

It doesn’t have to be hard. And your body can’t fire you. So be nice to it.

Do it right, once and for all, right here:

Kate (& Jason)


Jason Su