True freedom around food

I just got back from a week in Toronto.

I did everything that I never usually do there. I ate food that I never eat, drinks that I never drink.

And I feel pretty bad right in my body right now.

My face is puffy, my stomach is bigger than it usually is, and I haven’t been sleeping well. All the things that come with eating the foods that don’t make me feel good, are now happening to me.

And I’m not worried at all.

Because I have the structure in place to go back to exactly how I want to live.

I’ve only been home a day, and I’m already doing those things.

I know that in a couple days, I’ll be back to feeling on top of the world as usual.

I consciously chose to eat and drink all that stuff because I wanted to.

I was in a place with amazing food. I really wanted that delicious Indian food with buttery, fluffy naan bread and amazing spices. I enjoyed every bite. I enjoyed every sip of the beers that I tasted, and savored great wine with good friends.

I wasn’t coming from a place of eating emotionally, I was coming from a place of eating and drinking because I wanted to.

I wanted to experience life in this way while I was there so I did.

Fully knowing that I was going to have repercussions, and -

that I can handle them with ease.  

And now, I’ve been home a day, and I’m already back to living how I always live.

I know how to do it.

And it’s easy.

No stress. No struggle.

No weeks, days, or even hours to get back on track.

That is true freedom around food.
Which feels really good.

And, what we teach.

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