Losing weight is easy.

Like putting your best face forward on a first date.

Anyone can tell the stories of their best self for a few hours, days or even months.

But eventually, if you stick with one person long enough, the less shiny parts of you begin to show. That person will get to know you ‘warts and all’.

Whether it takes months or years, everything you want to hide, not deal with and sweep under the rug comes to surface.

That’s when a lot of people decide to bail and run. Thinking they if they find a different person, they’ll feel better.

Be better.

Or if people have been together long enough, have kids, or money all mixed up, they’ll just check out while staying together.

Neither one of these is a particularly pretty scenario.

The lucky people eventually realize their issues follow them, no matter who they’re with.

And the same thing happens with diets, or ‘lifestyles’ as we’re calling them today.

It’s easy to eat less, and workout more.

Or only eat protein.

Or vegetables.

Or count calories.

Or Watch Weighters.

At first…

But eventually, these strategies show what they really are: surface value tactics.

The difference between a diet and a relationship is that you can’t run from your body.

So you have a few options:

Give up.

Check out.

Or run to another diet.


Just like relationships, you have the opportunity to go deeper. To get some real skills. Face the tough stuff, and address your issues at their root.

And this is where the real fun starts.

Look at any old couple that’s still in love, and I guarantee you they’ve faced more than one ‘come-to-Jesus moment’ before getting where you see them today.

You can do the same with your body, and your cravings, and anything else that gets you off-track from having a body you love and feel great in all the time.

It is possible to crave only delicious healthy food that makes you feel great.

It is possible to love moving your body in ways that make you feel on top of the world.

It is possible to have eating be a non-issue in your life.

And, it doesn’t have to be hard.

But it does take time.

That’s why we’ve set up our program the way we have:

The first 5 weeks, you get an email every few days with “The Basics”. Everything you need to know to change your relationship to your body and food.

Then every month, our newsletter dives into a specific topic to support you on your journey.
And while we provide excellent, life-changing content, that you would have to scour the annals of the internet to find on your own,

That’s not even it’s true value…

It’s deeper value is you getting a monthly dose of inspiration, a tuning fork of sorts, for you to see where you are on your journey. You hang out with us, as long as you get value (or just enjoy reading our wittily written and engaging-yet-typo-proned information).

After a while, someone will ask you what’s different about you.

You’ll realize you have totally changed inside and out.

(Hopefully you tell them about us, before you go on your merry way.)

If you’re reading this email, you’ve already done the pre-requisite work:

Trying and failing to reach or sustain your goals many times. and knowing you’re ready for something truly different.

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