You Feel What You Eat

What you eat determines how you feel.

In your body.

And in your emotions.

It seems obvious.

But most people don’t actually equate what they’ve been eating two how they feel.

I was in this majority until a few years ago, when I started to notice that certain foods would have me behaving differently after consuming them.

When I eat processed sugars, I become hyper for an hour or two, my attention span goes awry, and then I crash into a nap.

Starchy foods make me sleepy as well, and also a little lethargic the day after.

And eating too much of anything has me feeling very heavy and bloated in my stomach, an uncomfortable feeling that can last for hours or even the whole next day.

Obviously, what you do also impacts how you feel.

Sleeping enough, moving your body, doing things you love, and spending time with people who you really care about are all important.

When you choose not to take care of yourself in this way, your body responds with symptoms of low energy, lack of motivation, and acute pains that you can’t seem to come from nowhere.

You need to honor your body, and honor yourself in a way that nourishes you physically and creatively in order to keep yourself feeling good all the time.

The equation is simple.

Eat well, do the things you enjoy most, and spend quality time with the people you care about, or your body will tell you that it’s not happy, and you’ll have to deal with things like chronic pain, fatigue, and depression until you start doing what makes you happy.

If any of that sounds hard to you, it’s not.

And we teach the easy way here:

with love,

Jason (& Kate)


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