If a goat won't eat it, neither should you

A few years back, my hubby and I were on a road trip through Ojai, CA.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a quaint little town a couple hours north of L.A., surrounded by orange groves and farms.

I’m an animal lover, and I particularly love farm animals, so when we saw a horse stretching its neck over a fence by the side of the road, I was like “Stop! Stop! I want to go say hi!”

As we mosey-ed on over, the horse decided it wasn't interested in us, but a cute little goat ran up.

My husband, who loves animals too, has a particular affinity for goats.

(He's Arab, and here’s something you didn’t know, Arabs LOVE goats. Yes that’s a stereotype but it’s also a real thing.)

He had a doughnut in the car, so he went back to get it and offered it to the little guy.

As you probably do know, goats generally eat ANYTHING - shoes, paper, sticks.

But not this one.

He just sniffed and snorted - and turned his head away.

We laughed and laughed.


Decided that if a goat won’t eat it, we probably shouldn’t either.

It’s a pretty low bar we set for ourselves, I know.

And, if only it were that easy to sniff, snort, and turn away from food we really didn't want…

Oh wait…

It is.

And that’s exactly what we teach in our “Lose Weight For the Last Time” program.

If you want to be as sexy and selective as that goat, join us here:


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