The work-in-progress myth

There’s a popular concept in the self-improvement community that we are all ‘works-in-progress’.

The idea is that no matter how far you’ve come, you will always have a long way to go, that you will never really get to rest  because there's always another goal out in front of us.

This belief is pervasive in our western cultures, and many religions.

Striving for more keeps society chugging along.

And it’s true.  

As human beings once we reach one goal, we tend to quickly set our sites on new goals. In this sense we are, hopefully, always growing and learning.

Our ability to continually evolve and grow keeps us vibrant and engaged in life.

But if taken lock-stock and barrel, the idea that arrival is a myth, can keep people running in all the wrong directions, always striving for something that feels just out of reach -

simply because they’re used to feeling that way.

When in reality, the thing they are searching for is very much within reach.

Probably much closer than they think.

Let’s take food for example (because that’s what we talk about here).

If you think you will always be ‘growing’ in your relationship with food, you might interpret that to mean it will always be a struggle, that you might as well get used to. You may see others who don’t have the same problem, but think the ‘struggle is real’ for you.

We’re here to tell you that it’s not.

There is a point at which you can feel like you’ve made it with food, exercise and your body. Where you can feel in your bones that you’re doing it differently. Yes, there will always be more to learn, but…

You no longer worry about slipping back in your old habits.

You know that a bad day is just that - one day among many.

You can relax even when you’re not at the top of your game.

You just feel better.

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