You look like you've lost weight

“You look like you’ve lost weight.”

I hear this all the time.

I never know if it’s true or not, since I don’t own a scale.

I’m pretty sure I’m not losing weight all the time, because I would have wasted away by now (and nobody’s saying it in a concerned way). But when I argue, and say “I don’t think so”, they usually defend their opinion pretty adamantly.

So now I interpret this as “you look great”.

(I think many people are more comfortable talking about weight than straight up complimenting, which speaks volumes about how weight, value and good looks are all messed up in our psyches, a topic to be discussed another day.)

This has happened to me often enough, that I’ve been able to track a trend. I now know the real reason they think I’m looking good:

It’s because I feel great…on the inside…in that moment.

Nobody ever tells me, “You look like you’ve lost weight” when I’m stressed out, or tired or depressed, or angry.

So if you want the shortcut to looking like you’ve lost weight…

Do what makes you feel great.

If you want the shortcut to actually losing weight…there is none.

(All those shortcuts come back to bite you in the boot-ay in the end.)

But if you want a shortcut to feeling so good about yourself that you feel like you’ve just thrown off a 30 pound back-pack you’ve been carrying…

We can show you that.  

And then, we’ll show you how to lose the weight for real, and for good.

All for the average price of a high-end gym membership, a very cheap personal trainer, or some expensive yoga pants.

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