Cling to the people who inspire you like a wet tee-shirt

Find the people who inspire you and cling to them like a wet tee-shirt

If you have friends who take really good care of their bodies, not in an obsessive, unhealthy way, but who eat well, and love moving, and are upbeat and happy…

Spend more time with them.

Hang around them, and watch what they do and how they do it.

Imitate them, ask them questions about why they do what they do, when they do it and how they learned.

Did they read a particular book?

Did they find a dance class or sport they love?

Ask to go with them to the gym or for a bike ride.

Even if you think you hate these things.

If they eat something weird for breakfast, try it with an open mind.

Look at not just what they eat, but how they eat. Do they eat slowly, standing up, do they cook for themselves, or eat out a lot.

Do all these things to broaden your horizons.  

We learn way more about how to feel good in our bodies from osmosis, than we do from studying.

The reason to do all these things is not because you’ve got to take on their habits.

That’s not even really possible.
Because chances are, if they’re truly healthy, they’ve done the mindset work around food. Whether they know it or not.

But dipping your toes in their world will give you two things:

A feel for what it’s like to do things a different way.


You’ll probably find some habits, facts, foods, types of movement the you actually really enjoy, that you’ll carry forward with you on your journey.

When the time is right, you’ll remember that recipe, or that stretch, pull it out of your back pocket  and use it. and every time you do, you’ll be reminded of the good times you had with your friend, and how far you’ve come since you first discovered whatever it is you’re doing.
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