If an old-school dad can open his heart, you can change how you eat

My husband and I video-chatted with a couple of friends the other day.

It was actually our friends, Monique and Rebecca, who are a couple, and both sets of their parents.

All to congratulate my husband who just graduated from his master’s program here at Penn.

We moved from LA to Philly for school, and haven’t been the best at keeping in touch.

Anyway, we were all waving and smiling, and saying ‘it’s so nice to see you’, when towards the end of the call, Monique showed us her belly.

She’s 6 months pregnant.

This very exciting news highlighted how bad we’ve been at keeping touch with people, but also how life can change in major ways, very quickly.

However, this story is not about Monique.

It’s about her dad, who was there on the call.

He was grinning the whole time, as proud as any expectant grandfather would be.

I was immediately reminded of Rebecca and Monique’s wedding a few years ago, while I was seated at the most idyllic candle-lit country farm table, chowing down on my third serving of some delicious tacos, he made a toast appreciating his daughter and her new wife, for expanding his previously narrow definition of love and family. It was an all around tear-jerker.

Fast forward to the other day, and I’d go out on a limb to say that this man who had resisted his daughter’s choices so much in the beginning, probably wouldn’t change a thing.

My guess is when he first found out his daughter didn’t date men, it shook him to the core. His identity was challenged. And he most likely thought accepting her would mean he would have to give up things he had always assumed he would have - i.e. a son-in-law and grandchildren.

He didn’t get a son-in-law, he got one of the best daughters-in-law a man could ask for, and soon a grandkid!

Why am I telling you all this?

It’s just as radical to attempt to change how you see yourself.

You can’t change your body, or your relationship to food, without re-imagining who you are from the inside out.

And, it’s hard to do without thinking you’re going to have to give up things you love - and foods you enjoy - that are linked with people and memories you want to keep.

Jason and I are here to tell you, that while it may look a little different than you imagine, you can have it all - a great life, a happy, healthy, fit body and still enjoy delicious food you love


You’re willing to let go of your notions of how things are supposed to look, and how you’re gonna get there.

Or maybe I’m just writing about all this because I’m super excited my friend is pregnant.

Either way, you should join us here:


Kate (& Jason)

Jason Su