How I lost 80 pounds, kept it off, and never had it be an issue again

Want to know how I lost 80 pounds, kept it off, and never had it be an issue again?

I stopped telling myself I couldn’t eat certain things.

In fact, I did the exact opposite, and told myself that I could literally have



What’s the first thing you think about when I say, “Don’t think about iguanas”?



Even if you weren’t thinking about them before, you are now.

What do you think about iguanas anyway?

Are the ones in your head cartoony and cute, or more reptilian and hiding from you?


That’s exactly what happens in your brain every time you say, “I won’t eat xx” ever again.

Or even, “I really shouldn’t eat xx.”

You’ve triggered your inner process of wanting what’s forbidden, and nothing will stop you from having it, and having way more of it than you would have otherwise.

The real secret, the true way to conquering those cravings is:

Eat what you want, whenever you want.

Yes, of course, there’s a catch.

(If there wasn’t we’d be just like all the other B.S. wait-lost programs out there that don’t teach sustainable, long-term success).

The full sentence goes like this…

Eat what you want, whenever you want, while slowly changing what your body craves.

There you go.

Master that one, and your life will never be the same.

If you’ve got the ‘eat whatever you want’ part down, and are ready to learn the ‘slowly change what your body craves’ part of that sentence, that’s exactly what we teach in our Lose Weight for The Last Time Program.

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