What being a world class poker champion taught me about cravings

I used to be a grossly overweight poker champion.

Now, I’m a healthy poker champion, and weight loss & food craving consultant.

The one huge thing I’ve learned in my life as a one-percenter in the poker world is this:

No matter what happens, how unlucky I get, how good or bad things are going, I just need to focus on one thing, playing the next hand.

And, playing it well.

In poker, what separates the best from the rest isn’t that we’re lucky, or that we know what it means when your eyebrow twitches (that only happens in the movies).

What makes me exceptional is that no matter what just happened, I’ve trained myself over the years to take a breath, play the next hand, and play it to the best of my ability.

And now, this is how I approach my relationship with food.

If you’re having a rough stretch of eating and have been putting lots of things in your body that you didn’t mean to…


If something stressful just showed up in your life and you went to the store and at a ton of that thing you haven’t eaten in six months …

Or even

If things are going great with how you’re eating and taking care of your body…

All that matters today,

Right now,

Is how you play the next hand.

Can you do what you know is best for your body, mind, and spirit right now, regardless of how poorly or how well things are going?

(Trust me, sometimes things going well is when it’s hardest to do what’s best for us.)

Kate and I can, because we’ve set up our lives with a strong framework that allows us to lean on in times both good and bad, so that we can play the next hand, and play it well.

When you’re ready to create that support system for yourself (and the peaceful feeling that comes with it), join us here:


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