A weight loss program that doesn't talk about food


We’re probably the only Weight Loss program in the world that won’t tell you what to eat.

We don’t tell you when or how to eat either.

No intermittent fasting, protein in the morning, or 45-small-meals-a-day advice from us.  

The foundation of our system the “Do It Right, Do It Once” program doesn’t include recipes,

or lists of acceptable and unacceptable foods

or even any “guidelines”.


To be honest, we do include recipes in our monthly Lose Weight for the Last Time Newsletter. But that’s only cause we’re foodies and we can’t help but share.

No matter what your personal trainer, your doctor, your mother, or the million-and-one weight-loss gurus out there have told you…

There’s only one way of eating that works for you.

And you are the only person who can know what it is.

Because long-term health and weight loss is not just about what you eat and don’t eat, it’s about being able to eat and not eat those things, and adjust, as necessary for the





It’s like marrying someone, except even more extreme, because you can’t divorce.

It’s better to take a few months up front to invest some time in getting to know yourself, how your brain works, what foods YOUR body and tastebuds actually like and don’t like.

And then give you the tools to actually eat that way in a world that tells you you should be doing a thousand different things.

This is way more practical and sustainable than telling you to just drink a smoothie for breakfast, eat tuna and avocado for lunch, and eat “more vegetables and fruits” throughout your day.   

We are here to help you Lose Weight for the Last Time.

Not the first time. The next time. Or The fastest time.

But probably the best time. And definitely the easiest time.

When you’re ready to let go of lists and food prescriptions, join us here:


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