You're, really

When Kate and I started this project six months ago we had no idea if anyone would want to read our emails, let alone buy our program.

We had no experience running online businesses.

But the thing we had was the only thing that mattered…

We knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our method works. That it’s actually sustainable in the long-term, and gets crazy results without pain or struggle.

And in the food/weight loss industry, that’s a big f**king deal.

So we’ve been winging it ever since. Made some sales, got some good feedback, and now we’re growing…

But none of this would have happened if weren’t 100% certain that we had something special.

Whether you want to lose weight or conquer cravings, before you do anything, you gotta tap into that “something special” in you.

We promise it’s in there, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

(Kate and I have this thing where we only want to hang out with people who think big and know deep down how great they are. We do our best to make sure everyone else is completely uninterested in us. So if you’re here, interested in what we have to say, then you are one of those people).


You’ve got something big to give the world, but right now your food habits are getting in the way…

And it hurts to think about that. But it’s true.

To go from A to B, you don’t need to know every step already.

First, tap into that something special inside you, and start carrying that feeling around.

Each next step will come after that.

But before everything else you have to remember who you are.

If you want some help with this step, or any of the rest, we can help you speed up the process:

Jason (& Kate)


Jason Su