If you've always struggled with food, this is for you

One of our newest clients said that she’s both “excited and a little nervous” about starting our program.

She said that weight has been an issue for her her entire life, so finally choosing to deal with it is a big deal.

And it is.

If you see yourself as someone who’s ‘always struggled with weight’.

That story about who you are is running in the back of your mind (or in the forefront) all the time.

Regardless of whether or not it’s true. Or helpful (which it isn't).

So when you’re around food, and you're consciously telling yourself “don’t eat that cookie”, your subconscious is saying “don’t forget, you've always struggled with food” - and the result is predictable:

It’s struggle.

Struggle with food becomes part of your identity.

At a certain point, it becomes difficult to even imagine yourself not struggling with food or thinking about your weight.

Maybe even a little intimidating.

So as we like to say, it’s time to make up a new story about yourself and food.

It’s not hard, you just have to know the steps...

Which of course, we teach here:


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