Eat better, lose weight, make money

The topic of money is always polarizing.

Those who don’t have it, spend their time trying to get it.

And those who have it, spend their time figuring out how to hold on to it.

Your relationship with money and food is inextricably intertwined.

While money is in itself neutral, the way we choose to use it says a lot about us and also has a large influence in our overall levels of happiness in life.

All the same can be said for food.  

Any area this fraught with conflict is also a ripe space for rapid transformation, if nurtured with the right information.

So we’re diving right in this month.

If you can’t tell the difference between a wasteful purchase and a highly lucrative investment…

If you don’t understand how short-term decisions can compound into enormous long-term gains or losses…

If you’re not fully valuing your life, your one time to shine on this planet …

Then you don’t understand the power of your relationship with food.

You’re also leaving so much money, love, connection, and success on the table.

We want you to have it all.

So this month’s Lose Weight for the Last Time newsletter we’re gonna talk about the thing people never want to talk about:


…and food.

And how the two relate.

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