Eating poorly is throwing away money, literally

People often talk about how much food costs these days, and how on a planetary level, there’s not enough of it go around.

If you switch your diet from mostly processed foods to mostly fruits, vegetables and high-quality proteins, you will probably notice that it is more expensive…at first.

But one thing people rarely take into consideration when they talk about how expensive food is:

Food waste

I read somewhere that the average American throws away 1/4-1/3 of the food they buy.

That’s insane!!

And sadly, not hard to believe.

That’s like walking out of the grocery store with 4 bags, and leaving one on the ground in the parking lot - every time you go shopping.

(Actually, that wouldn’t be so bad because if you left it in the parking lot, at least someone could pick up that food and eat it.)

But instead, most people take that bag of food home, wait ’til it goes bad, and then throw it away.

So think about this is if you were to actually eat all the food you buy, you’d have to pay a huge premium on it to have it be MORE expensive than what you’re already doing.

But the way we teach, you will most likely end up spending less over time.

Because you end up eating less AND buying less over time.

In fact the steps we teach to slim your waistline are practically guaranteed to fatten your wallet, because how you treat food, your body, and money go hand in hand.

When you create a healthy relationship with one, it has a drastic impact the other.

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Kate (& Jason)

Jason Su