Health as a gateway drug

A recent discovery:

All it takes is a little bit of momentum in one direction or another to totally transform your life.

Take for example this email you’re reading right now is the result of me starting an everyday writing habit.

Writing everyday made me want to write more.

And this practice expanded to include other topics I was interested in such as psychology and things I had never been interested in before - like internet marketing.

It’s been about 10 months since I started my daily righting practice and everyday it gets a little easier and a little more challenging - and more fun.

And now the same thing is happening to me with fitness.

I started off with a one-push-up-a-day commitment to myself (thanks to Steve Guise).

Now I workout for at least 45 minutes at least 4 days a week (and still do at least one push up everyday).

Yesterday, I noticed an article about a workout for a summer body and got excited about the idea, not of a summer body (my body is already great) but of upping my workout.

And now I’m actually *wanting* to add pull-ups to my daily routine. Never in my life have I wanted to do a pull-up!

Writing has become an addiction, and I’m getting better and better each day.

Working out has become an addiction, and I’m getting stronger and having more fun with it everyday.

And Jason’s Lose Weight for the Last Time program did the same thing for me in regards to eating healthy.

It’s become a game I love to play, I’m actually addicted to greens and veggies, eating delicious foods, and upping my relationship with food everyday.

When you realize small, daily steps can become gateway drugs, slowly getting you addicted to that habits that take you in the direction you want to go, then wild possibilities open up

…and your body starts looking and feeling really good.

That’s what we’re up to over here:

You know what to do if you want in.

Kate (& Jason)

Jason Su