Five mistakes people make when trying to 'get healthy'

Five mistakes people make when trying to ‘get healthy’

They think its about the food.

Yes, of course what you eat matters, but jumping to trying to fix the things you put in your mouth before adjusting your mindset is like trying to run a marathon with a broken leg:

Its a fine thing to do. Your goal may be noble. And you will probably learn a lot along the way.

But it will hurt like hell and you probably won’t get very far. Oh, and you’ll most likely injure yourself more the farther you run.

So, stop it.

Go back and heal your leg first, then take up running.  

2. They look at everything they’re doing wrong.

Most people take on getting healthy like a home improvement project. They look for what they need to fix and focus on it. What they don’t like about themselves or their body.

They think, “Oh, I eat like crap. I need to eat more vegetables.” Or, whatever.

This thinking is backwards. Instead look for what’s working. What you already do well, and congratulate yourself for it. Then do more of that.

3. They think its about the food.

They think that if they just put the right food in their bodies, get healthy and work out they’ll feel better about themselves. They think that if they eat the right combo of kale, and whey protein, and fermented foods, all will be better in their bodies, and therefore their lives.

It does not work like this. The trick is to feel good about yourself first, then you will look at food with fresh eyes - you will eat differently and move more.

4. They treat their bodies like quarterly earnings statements.

We’re so focused on short-term results. Of course, you want to look and feel great right away, and that’s fine motivation to get started but drastic short-term strategies usually work against you in the long run.

Slow, small and steady wins the race.

5. They don’t drink enough water.

If you think you drink enough water. You probably don’t. Drink more, and see how you feel.

If you’re one of those people who “doesn’t drink water”, drink fizzy water, or grapefruit-essenced water, or make a game out of it. Something. Anything.

Water is the best.

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