How good are you willing to feel?

I first met Jason at a conference years ago, in Austin.

I chased him down at a lunch break, and we ended up chowing down on some Indian food together. Our shared love of eating and analyzing our behavior turned out to be the foundation for a quick and strong bond.

When I got back home to LA, I told my husband that I had met this super cool dude, and just happened to mention his name - Jason Su.

And my hubby responded, “Oh, I know him. I used to watch him play the World Poker Championships on ESPN.”

To which I responded, “Um, no, you’re thinking of someone else. You wouldn’t know this guy.”

To which my husband responded, “No, I know who you’re talking about. He’s a really overweight asian dude right?”

To which I responded, “No, he’s not at all.”

It turns out it was the same Jason Su, and to this day, it’s one of my favorite stories.

But why am I sharing it with you?

Two reasons:

First off, Jason is really good at everything he does. Whatever he puts his mind to, he rises to the top.

He also has a super sharp analytical poker mind. He can see processes and patterns in ways most people don’t even know exist, and has a knack for turning these into repeatable systems. This is one of the many gifts that makes him a great teacher.

Second, wherever you are struggling with your body, he’s been there. He’s a really, really smart dude who was able to accomplish a lot of things in his life before he was able to crack the code of his body.

You are probably a really, really smart person who has accomplished a lot. And hopefully have a lot more still to do with your life, without your body slowing you down.

If you’re like me, and like to learn from the best, then you are in the right spot.

Jason is the best, and possibly only, teacher of how to reprogram your brain and align your actions for optimum health for the long run.

When you’re ready crack the code to your body, sign-up here:

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