You're good no matter what you eat

I'm sitting here in the lounge/library of a sweet little BNB in the country a few hours north of NYC.

It's owned by Richard Gere.

My friend and I have been keeping an eye out for him while we've been here the last week, but have yet to spot him.

Anyway, I've been down here working away since early this morning, finishing up the last edits on our June Issue which is going out to Lose Weight for the Last Time members this afternoon.

It's fantastic.

I was just about to close up my computer and head to yoga, when the woman who runs the place, came in to fill up a cup of coffee to take up to one of the rooms.

The coffee was part of a delicious looking 'breakfast in bed' tray they bring people here.

And there was a pile of fragrant, crusty pastries on it.

The man sitting across from me was eyeing them.

She offered to bring him some.

He said, "No, but that croissant sure looks good."

She said, "We have almond, chocolate and plain. Which one would you like?"

After a few seconds deliberation and a big breath he said, "No I think I'll be a good person and pass."

She so sweetly said, "Well, you're a good person whether you pass or not."

I loved hearing that.

I don't think we hear that enough.

So this is your reminder.

What you eat does not determine your value.

Neither does how your body looks.

You are a good person no matter how many croissants you eat.

What you eat determines how you feel.

And how you feel has a big impact on what you think about yourself.

That is the most important thing.

That is the real battle.

We feel better when we are aligned.

We also happen to look better, be sexier, feel lighter and have more fun.

And if you have weight to lose, it comes off naturally as a result of aligned action.

That's what it's all about.

That's what we're all about.

lovey-dovey vibes to you all,

Kate (& Jason)


Jason Su