World's best kept beauty secret: eating well

One side perk of eating really well is great skin

I used to struggle with acne, bad.

And not just the normal teenage face stuff.

I’m talking about breaking out on my face and my back, all the time, until my late 20’s.

I hated it.

And did everything I could to try and hide my skin.

Basically, lots of make up and no sleeveless shirts.

And now…

I get compliments on my skin all the time.

Just yesterday, a girlfriend came to visit and when I met her at the train station, the first thing she said to me after ‘Hi!’ was, ‘Your skin is so soft and glowing’.

Friends ask me all the time what products I use, what my regime is.

And I usually respond ‘On, nothing special’…

Because I know that the reason my skin looks good has very little to do with what I put on it (which is really not much), and everything to do with what I put in my body.

Which is mostly real food and lots of water.

The funny thing is I know this is true not only by how I feel but also because of how people respond.
When I eat crap, I don’t get compliments. When I eat well, they’re almost guaranteed.

This isn’t rocket science, and probably isn’t news to you.

But just because we know something doesn’t stop us from doing goofy things, like spending hundreds of dollars on face creams, cleansing protocols and make-up to cover up something that’s root cause is more than skin deep.

I could go on a long rant about the beauty industry, but I’ll keep it to the fact that no one in it has any financial incentive for people to lay the foundation for truly beautiful skin, which is eating well.

If you want to learn how to actually eat in a way that will not only make your feel great, but look great too - and enjoy it - you can get the low-down here:

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