Eat your way to success

I had lunch a few weeks ago with a friend who lost close to 150 pounds in her early forties, and has kept it off for over 10 years now.

Over the last 5, she’s built a company that’s currently valued at over $50 million, and is expected to be worth several hundred million when she sells in a couple years.

To say the least she’s an extraordinary woman on many fronts.

And she talks to a lot of people about food.

She says she’s always surprised by how many people don’t realize that the food they eat has a direct impact on the thoughts they think and the way they feel.

Like directly, right now.

Not just in some longterm, vague and distant future.  

She said besides learning to love herself, learning to connect food to feelings (the ones that come after you eat, not the ones before that are prompting you to eat) is THE most important step to changing eating habits longterm.

And, of course we agree vehemently agree with her.

It is after all what we teach.

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