Make eating well automatic

Part of what creates a healthy, vibrant relationship with food for me is preparation.

Each day is precious and I want to avoid those motivation sapping food comas at all costs.

Having learned my lessons for well over a decade, I can now anticipate the situations I’ll be in and get what I need wherever I am.

No more “snaccidents”…

No more slippery slopes…

No more finding myself at the tail end of a month long stretch of eating what I know isn’t good for me…

If you already know what foods your are the right ones for your personal body type, the next step in leveling up is making the process of anticipating your needs feel easy…

And automatic.

The stronger your commitment to your well being is, the easier this gets.

And the better you feel over time, the stronger your commitment naturally becomes.

When you hit your peak level of energy and aliveness you’ll never want to go back to your old ways, and each day feels better than the last.

It’s an option.

If you know the “where” you want to get with food, but don’t know the “how”, and you’re tired of failed attempts to change your habits, go here:

Jason (& Kate)

Jason Su