Need to lose weight? Don't bet your life on it

I spend a lot of time thinking about risk/reward ratios. Here’s one that I was thinking about the other day:

Our protagonist, “Angela”, wants to get healthier. Great.

Now she has two doors to choose from…

Get help


B) Figure it out herself

Both are fine choices.

Now let’s say she knows she wants to get help. She can tell that she would get a lot from it, but she decides that she doesn’t want to spend the money…

——NOOOOOOOOOoooooooo—— (that’s me screaming in the background).

Here’s the problem with Angela’s line of thinking:

If she gets the help she’s considering and she’s wrong, she loses money.

If she decides to try and figure it out herself, it may all work out, but…

She is literally BETTING HER LIFE that she can figure it out well enough on her own.

Now, maybe she will, as many have.

But is that really worth the risk?

And how much time will she lose in the meantime.

If you love reading our emails and you’ve been thinking about joining our advanced training program but have talked yourself out of it because it costs money, please stop.

Don’t be an Angela. Don’t bet your life on it.

Jason (& Kate)

Jason Su