The truth about your cravings

Today, I’m gonna tell you the truth about food cravings. Figuring this out took me 15 years of misery, but my life around food as been amazing ever since I "got it".


Here it goes...

Food cravings have nothing to do with food.

(I’m gonna let that sink into your brain for a second.)


If you nodded and instinctively knew it was true when you read that sentence, then you’ve already taken the first step toward conquering your cravings.

People always try to make it about the food and say things like…

“I can’t resist candy at night.”


“My willpower doesn’t work with carbs.”


But it’s not about the food.

I’ll prove it to you…

Think back to your last craving that flipped your day upside down. Hell, think about your last ten, or as many as you can recall.

Now, think about what happened just before the craving hit, and you lost your mind and started eating like a sleepwalking version of yourself.

What you will notice is that there’s always something that happens right before the craving hits.

That “something” is what the craving is about.

Not the food.

And that's why every time you try to resist the craving, you can't.

Because you're looking at the wrong thing.

If you are able to just shift your focus a little bit, cravings can really all go away faster than you think.

The prize lies in the “something”…

Knowing what it is AND how to deal with it effectively.

This realization about cravings, and implementing some simple strategies to deal with them, completely changed my relationship with eating…and my life.

And, it can change yours.

You don’t have to suffer and struggle with food any more.

You can be free of cravings, and get on living the life of your dreams.


If you want the exact process to discover what your food cravings really represent, and how to create systems and structures in your life that will free you from them, for the rest of your life…

I’m not going to tell you that today.

Because that’s my life’s work…and we charge for that.

But If you want it, and you’re ready to make a change, go here:

Jason (& Kate)



Jason Su