Weightloss breakthrough you've been missing

There are two kinds of weight loss breakthroughs.

Most of us appreciate the first kind:

It’s the measurable breakthrough - a certain amount of weight lost, a certain amount of time at a certain weight, fitting into a certain size clothing.

These are easy to enjoy.

It’s like graduating from college, getting married or getting a great job. Everybody can see it, it’s tangible proof of your hard work, and the world feels comfortable cheering you on for it.

These are great.

And fleeting.

If you don’t learn to see, and appreciate, the other kind of breakthrough just as much, you will be a lost puppy.

These are the internal breakthroughs.

When you find a new way of eating that works for you…

When you can feel in your bones you’ve turned a corner.

When you realize you actually enjoy eating something you didn’t like six months ago…

When you wake up craving movement…

When you shut the fridge door and go do the thing you’ve been avoiding instead of eating…

These are the internal mini-breakthroughs you have to fall in love with.

The ones that get no external validation.

No one is going to say, “Wow, I’m so excited you crave carrots a little more than you used to.”

No one will notice you woke up smiling for the first time in a long time.

But these are THE things that will keep you on track, day after day, year after year. They are what gets you through your plateaus, and ‘falling of track’, they are what makes ‘dieting’ feel natural.

It’s not that you can’t have the big wins. Losing weight and feeling great is after all the goal.

But if you discount, doubt, or don’t enjoy all the little daily steps along the way, you are toast.

This is the real game.

Not eating better, or working out. That’s the easy part. There are a million-gillion YouTube videos that can teach you that.

The real game is learning to how to genuinely be excited over the stuff that you don’t think is important right now.

That’s it’.

If you can do that.

You have won, you will never-ever turn back.

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