Are you desperate to lose weight?

Let’s talk about desperation.

A lot of people say they’re desperate to lose weight, or eat better for health reasons or eat less sugar, or whatever along those lines.

They’ve tried everything they can think of…

They’ve been struggling with food for years and years…

They start to workout and eat right, but then just get knocked off course over and over again…

Nothing seems to work for them.

They’re really desperate.

But they haven’t gotten where they want to go.

And I just listen, knowing that whatever suggestions I give will fall on deaf ears for several reasons.

The first is, people only act on conclusions they come to on their own, most people looking for advice will never implement it (particularly if it’s free).

Second, people get wrapped up in their identity of not being able to lose weight. This is because they have no idea who they would be, or what they would do with themselves or think about if they weren’t struggling the way they are.

Third, they don’t yet realize that whatever steps they are going to take to get where they want to go need to be manageable and actually appeal to them.

Desperation doesn’t turn you into a different person.

It works in short bursts. It can inspire you to take action, but only for so long. If these actions aren’t enjoyable on some level, or you don’t know how to make yourself truly enjoy them, you’re screwed.

It’s really not that hard to turn bad habits into good habits, and enjoy things you never thought you could.

But there are a few tricks to the trade.

Without them, you’ll be stuck spinning your wheels for a long time to come,

Possibly forever.

(like most people)

Unless of course you randomly figure them out on your own, which would be awesome, but it also highly unlikely.

If you want to know what they are and how to effectively implement them - so you can finally get out of whatever rut you’ve been stuck in, join us here:

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