Eating poorly is throwing away money, literally

People often talk about how much food costs these days, and how on a planetary level, there’s not enough of it go around.

If you switch your diet from mostly processed foods to mostly fruits, vegetables and high-quality proteins, you will probably notice that it is more expensive…at first.

But one thing people rarely take into consideration when they talk about how expensive food is:

Food waste

I read somewhere that the average American throws away 1/4-1/3 of the food they buy.

That’s insane!!

And sadly, not hard to believe.

That’s like walking out of the grocery store with 4 bags, and leaving one on the ground in the parking lot - every time you go shopping.

(Actually, that wouldn’t be so bad because if you left it in the parking lot, at least someone could pick up that food and eat it.)

But instead, most people take that bag of food home, wait ’til it goes bad, and then throw it away.

So think about this is if you were to actually eat all the food you buy, you’d have to pay a huge premium on it to have it be MORE expensive than what you’re already doing.

But the way we teach, you will most likely end up spending less over time.

Because you end up eating less AND buying less over time.

In fact the steps we teach to slim your waistline are practically guaranteed to fatten your wallet, because how you treat food, your body, and money go hand in hand.

When you create a healthy relationship with one, it has a drastic impact the other.

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Jason Su
The secret sauce of weight loss

Think back for a second.

How did you get to where you are, in regards to your body?

Did you get to where you are by overeating one slice of cake or eating too much at one Thanksgiving dinner?

Or was it more like a week’s worth of bad-food-choices?

A month of bad habits? Or two?

Not likely.

My guess is that wherever you are (whether that’s weighing more than you want or eating things that don’t make you feel good) is the result of many months or years of micro-decisions.

Micro-decisions consisting of eating things you didn’t really want.

Or keeping eating when you were already full.

Or just finishing off that box of crackers while you were reading an article in your favorite magazine.

These are little decisions…that are made over and over and over again.

So, why do we think that 8 weeks worth of dieting or a cleanse to “kick-start” your efforts is going to change the way we’ve been doing things for years.

It’s not.

What will is the ability to make months and years of micro-decisions in the opposite direction.

To say:

“Nah, I don’t really want more than a bite of pie.”

Or “Actually, right now a big salad sounds much better than a sandwich.”

Or “What my body really wants right now is water, not sweet-tea.”

Over and over and over again.

This need to reverse your day-to-day decisions may or may not be obvious to you.

What is often not so obvious, is how to make these new decisions - the ones that take you where you want to go - just as easy (or easier) than the old ones that landed you where you are right now.


It’s the secret sauce.

The magic pill.

The grease between the gears.

The difference between being a bottle of fine wine that gets better with age, instead of turning sour and bitter.

Most people don’t know to go for ease.

But now you do.

Jason & Kate


Jason Su
If you've always struggled with food, this is for you

One of our newest clients said that she’s both “excited and a little nervous” about starting our program.

She said that weight has been an issue for her her entire life, so finally choosing to deal with it is a big deal.

And it is.

If you see yourself as someone who’s ‘always struggled with weight’.

That story about who you are is running in the back of your mind (or in the forefront) all the time.

Regardless of whether or not it’s true. Or helpful (which it isn't).

So when you’re around food, and you're consciously telling yourself “don’t eat that cookie”, your subconscious is saying “don’t forget, you've always struggled with food” - and the result is predictable:

It’s struggle.

Struggle with food becomes part of your identity.

At a certain point, it becomes difficult to even imagine yourself not struggling with food or thinking about your weight.

Maybe even a little intimidating.

So as we like to say, it’s time to make up a new story about yourself and food.

It’s not hard, you just have to know the steps...

Which of course, we teach here:

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Jason Su
We all have a hunger: A note on overeating from the depths

My husband left for a nine day trip to Paris yesterday, and I have been filling the space he left by waxing philosophical.

I’ve come to a theory I want to share with y’all.

It’s deep, and many of you are probably going to shake your heads and unsubscribe (that’s cool, you may as well know what we’re all about up front).

But for those of you who stick around, it could be a game changer.

Here’s my theory on overeating, under-eating, cravings, and a whole host of other food-related issues we inflict on ourselves.

As human beings we all have an existential depth, a void, a loneliness, a hunger -

whatever you want to call it -

that can’t really, truly, ever be filled.

Sure we can have moments, days, months or years where we don’t notice it so much but no matter how great our lives get, eventually, even if just for fleeting moments, that loneliness always comes back.

Florence and the Machine sings about it in her most recent single, aptly named Hunger.

“We all have a hunger,
we all have a hunger,
we all have a hunger…”

Some of us (most likely you since you’re reading this), have learned to manage this existential hunger with food.

Others try to fill it with drugs, work, relationship dramas, travel, money, busy-ness…the list goes on and on.

None of these is inherently wrong…

Our coping mechanisms are only a problem, when they become a problem, for us or others.

The real game of life is to find the most healthy, life-affirming ways to live with this hunger.

This may be a bit of a leap but on a philosophical level, but I think this is why diets (euphemistically called lifestyle changes these days) don’t work -

They focus on restriction.

And you can’t use ‘taking away’ as a solution for something that’s trying to fill a void…

Without putting something in it’s place.

The world is getting more and more obese because cheap, effortless, nutrition-less food is more available than ever before, but the reason we’re eating is age old.

What to do about it?

Learn how to unhook your existential ‘hunger’ from food as best you can,

Decide to fill your newly free’d up time (that you’re no longer spending stressing over food) on really cool things that make you happy,

And learn how to get back on track more and more quickly when you inevitably get knocked off.

That’s it.

That’s the name of the successful game.

It’s not a diet. And it’s not a lifestyle change.

It’s changing the game you playing all together.

To the game we teach:

Kate (& Jason)


Jason Su
The blinding light of potential and short-term eating shenanigans

Most people want to lose weight, or change their eating habits, fast.

They want to know what they can do today.

That will make a difference today.

As we all know, often the solutions are nothing more than the get-rich-quick schemes of the weight loss world.

They don’t work.

But people still buy into them.


Because of potential.

The potential that something could make your dreams come true is too enticing to pass up. It makes us overlook common sense, and keeps us on the hamster wheel of weight loss:

Doing the same things over, and over, again…

Without even realizing it.

By focusing on potential, we often miss the cues and clues that point to what will really take us where we want to go.

Here’s an example:

I’ve recently been on a greens kick.

Almost every morning last week, I ate sautéed greens with eggs for breakfast, and felt great.

Then yesterday my friend told me about this new smoothie that has lots of greens in it.

So made it this morning.

The combination of ingredients was not particularly appealing to me, and then when I opened the blender lid, the smell was even less appealing. And as I drank it, it was flavorless.

Then after, my belly was bloated and bubbly.

Luckily, I’ve gone down this road enough times to know two things:

First, this smoothie is not ‘healthy’ for me.

Second, even if it were, it’s not a long-term sustainable habit for me because I don’t enjoy the process of making or consuming it - so even if I were able to force myself to drink that smoothie every morning, eventually I would quit.

And, I would be no closer to finding food that actually works for me.

Not giving up on the potential of having what you want is a great thing, but only if you can also keep your feet on the ground noticing what’s happening as you eat.

I could have wasted weeks or months or more, drinking smoothies I didn’t really want, only to spring back to donuts and coffee to make up for all that deprivation. Ok donuts are a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.

That would been what we call a short-term shenanigan, disguised as a healthy endeavor.

When you’re ready to stop your shenanigans, and start making effective, lasting change, join us here:

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How to climb Everest (and live to tell about it)

Little known fact about the world’s tallest mountain…

When people die trying to scale Everest, the majority of them die on the way down.

Think about that for a minute.

They spend their lives planning out every detail, summon every last ounce of strength and determination in their bones, and get everything they wanted…

Only to die before they can get home to celebrate.

When people are starving themselves, depriving themselves of foods that they want, and forcing exercise they don’t enjoy into their routine - all in the name of losing weight…

I can’t help but think of the people who die on the way down from the mountaintop.

Getting there is only half the battle, and it’s actually the easier half.

Staying where you want to be for the rest of your life and enjoying all the benefits that come with that - now that’s the real prize.

How you go about getting what you want is the way that you’re training yourself to keep it.

So if you’re trying to lose weight by doing something, imagine yourself doing that every single day for the rest of your life.

If that sounds miserable, you’re going to fail.

You might hit your goal, but then you’ll “die” on the way down by gaining it all back.

Sustainability is everything, and that’s why our program is all about helping you find you own way of doing things that not only work, but that you’ll enjoy and actually keep doing -


To learn more about our advanced methods check us out here:

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Little known secret of the super-fit

One of my fittest, healthiest, friends is also one of the most frugal people I know.

She lives an amazing life, in one of the most expensive cities in the country, travels the world, and eats super high-quality food, all on pennies.

She spends less a month, than I do a week.

I’ve often judged her for being too stingy.

And maybe in some ways, she stresses herself out unnecessarily over money. But her ‘stinginess’ has allowed her to quit jobs she doesn’t like, not work for the last two years, help her parents buy a house, and have complete freedom over her time.

One thing she does spend quite a bit of money on (relative to everything else), is her gym membership.

And she gets the biggest bang for her buck out of anyone there, taking classes everyday, sometimes twice a day, and using the balcony to film fitness videos for social media.

The reason I’m telling you all this is:

This woman is ALIGNED.

To the core.

Her actions match her intentions, and she puts her money where her mouth is, when it comes to her health.

It wasn’t until I started trying to eat better, and workout that I could even start to understand how committed she really is.

You don’t pull that kind of commitment out of thin air.

You need to have deep motivation.

And I think I experienced of hint of that kind of motivation yesterday.

My aunt told me that what the doctors had thought was a really bad case of pneumonia, is actually a problem with her heart.

I asked her questions, and we made some dark-humored jokes. (Because what else is there to do when you don’t really know what’s going on.)

But in the back of my mind ran a ticker-tape of thoughts about my own life:

“live to the fullest…don’t take anything for granted…move and enjoy every moment while you can…take care of yourself and your body to the best of your ability…you never know what tomorrow will bring.”

As soon as I got off the phone, I felt a huge wave of sadness. My aunt’s not that old, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.

Then, I thought of my super fit friend.

She’s cared for family members suffering from diabetes complications for years. And she probably realized early on, that except for love, nothing is more important than your health.

Hence, her willingness to put her money where her mouth is.


Our program is not for everyone, but if you’ve been wanting to do it, now is the time.

If you know changing the way you eat will improve your life, there’s no better way to invest your time and money.

And June’s issue, which drops next week, just happens to be all about how money and health connect, and how to use both to your advantage.

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You're, really

When Kate and I started this project six months ago we had no idea if anyone would want to read our emails, let alone buy our program.

We had no experience running online businesses.

But the thing we had was the only thing that mattered…

We knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our method works. That it’s actually sustainable in the long-term, and gets crazy results without pain or struggle.

And in the food/weight loss industry, that’s a big f**king deal.

So we’ve been winging it ever since. Made some sales, got some good feedback, and now we’re growing…

But none of this would have happened if weren’t 100% certain that we had something special.

Whether you want to lose weight or conquer cravings, before you do anything, you gotta tap into that “something special” in you.

We promise it’s in there, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

(Kate and I have this thing where we only want to hang out with people who think big and know deep down how great they are. We do our best to make sure everyone else is completely uninterested in us. So if you’re here, interested in what we have to say, then you are one of those people).


You’ve got something big to give the world, but right now your food habits are getting in the way…

And it hurts to think about that. But it’s true.

To go from A to B, you don’t need to know every step already.

First, tap into that something special inside you, and start carrying that feeling around.

Each next step will come after that.

But before everything else you have to remember who you are.

If you want some help with this step, or any of the rest, we can help you speed up the process:

Jason (& Kate)


Jason Su
If you eat when you're not hungry, this is probably why

Are you completely happy in every aspect of your life, except for this one thing where you sometimes eat large quantities of food that you know will make you feel dull, nauseous, tired, and unmotivated about life?

Didn’t think so.

What is it exactly that we’re doing when we have intense cravings for foods that we know aren’t good for us?

Filling a hole that’s been created in some aspect of our life.

When I’m living a truly fulfilling day, there’s no desire for the fancy cupcake around the corner. I’m just happy being me, living a day in the life I always wanted for myself.

But when I wasn’t fully me yet?

God, those were rough times.

Hundreds of days turned awful by sugar binges from out of nowhere.

So what’s changed?

I got clear about who I wanted to be. I stopped hanging out with people who weren’t on board with that. I started using my natural talents (you have them too, even if you think you don’t) each and every day.

And now I eat something sugary maybe a few times a year, for fun, because I actually want to enjoy the taste, not to fill some hole in my day.

Do more of what you love.

Find a pathway out of doing less of what you hate.

Express your unique talents and show the world who you really are.

Then look back someday and realize that yeah...

It’s all connected.

Small changes add up to a lot. And it doesn't have to be that hard.

There are basic changes you can make to your day, and to your eating habits, that will dramatically change how much you eat, quickly.

If you want to learn how, join us here:

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Jason Su
The secret reason you want to conquer your cravings

Think for a second why you’re reading this email.


Stop and think.

If you’re my mom, or just here because you love our clever, witty writing, then you get a pass.

But if you’re here because you actually want to change something about your eating habits, or your health, ask yourself:

Do you think you’ll be happier?



More confident?


Do you think you’ll be healthier, or have more energy?

Or have a better relationship?

I hate to break it to you, but none of these things are the result of losing weight.

If you think that losing weight will bring you any of these,

Think again.

Your weight has nothing to do with being happy, pretty, or loved.

Some of the richest people I know (I’m talking billionaire finance dudes) are really overweight.

My most sex-pot-goddess-friend would be considered ‘plus size’. (And this has not stopped her from having more fun, and more boyfriends, than most of my other friends combined.)

Some of the best dancers I know are ‘heavy’, really heavy. And yet, they could leap over my head without breaking a sweat.

Not even your health is directly tied to weight.

You can be very healthy and weigh way more than you want to.

People think that if they lose weight, they will automatically get all these other things. But this is faulty logic.

What’s true is the process of losing weight can change you as a person - but whether or not that happens depends on how you go about it.

This is why people give up on dieting so often -

Because when they start to lose weight, they realize these other things aren’t changing, so its not worth the work.


Figure out what makes you happy (healthy, sexy, rich, powerful, confident, or whatever you want) and do more of it. This will help you in two ways:

First, you’ll be happier, healthier, sexier, richer, or more powerful…

Second, you won’t be so tempted by dumb, restrictive, dieting shenanigans cause you’ll know that changing your body doesn’t get you what you really want.


You’ll either realize changing your eating habits isn’t really that important to you (good for you, go be free!)


You’ll realize the real reason you want to change your eating habits is better and more powerful than all the rest…

Simply because




This is true free will.

Untangle your weight loss goals from everything else, and it will be a whole lot easier to follow through on them.

To learn how, join us here:

Jason & Kate

Jason Su
What being a world class poker champion taught me about cravings

I used to be a grossly overweight poker champion.

Now, I’m a healthy poker champion, and weight loss & food craving consultant.

The one huge thing I’ve learned in my life as a one-percenter in the poker world is this:

No matter what happens, how unlucky I get, how good or bad things are going, I just need to focus on one thing, playing the next hand.

And, playing it well.

In poker, what separates the best from the rest isn’t that we’re lucky, or that we know what it means when your eyebrow twitches (that only happens in the movies).

What makes me exceptional is that no matter what just happened, I’ve trained myself over the years to take a breath, play the next hand, and play it to the best of my ability.

And now, this is how I approach my relationship with food.

If you’re having a rough stretch of eating and have been putting lots of things in your body that you didn’t mean to…


If something stressful just showed up in your life and you went to the store and at a ton of that thing you haven’t eaten in six months …

Or even

If things are going great with how you’re eating and taking care of your body…

All that matters today,

Right now,

Is how you play the next hand.

Can you do what you know is best for your body, mind, and spirit right now, regardless of how poorly or how well things are going?

(Trust me, sometimes things going well is when it’s hardest to do what’s best for us.)

Kate and I can, because we’ve set up our lives with a strong framework that allows us to lean on in times both good and bad, so that we can play the next hand, and play it well.

When you’re ready to create that support system for yourself (and the peaceful feeling that comes with it), join us here:

Jason (& Kate)

Jason Su
How I lost 80 pounds, kept it off, and never had it be an issue again

Want to know how I lost 80 pounds, kept it off, and never had it be an issue again?

I stopped telling myself I couldn’t eat certain things.

In fact, I did the exact opposite, and told myself that I could literally have



What’s the first thing you think about when I say, “Don’t think about iguanas”?



Even if you weren’t thinking about them before, you are now.

What do you think about iguanas anyway?

Are the ones in your head cartoony and cute, or more reptilian and hiding from you?


That’s exactly what happens in your brain every time you say, “I won’t eat xx” ever again.

Or even, “I really shouldn’t eat xx.”

You’ve triggered your inner process of wanting what’s forbidden, and nothing will stop you from having it, and having way more of it than you would have otherwise.

The real secret, the true way to conquering those cravings is:

Eat what you want, whenever you want.

Yes, of course, there’s a catch.

(If there wasn’t we’d be just like all the other B.S. wait-lost programs out there that don’t teach sustainable, long-term success).

The full sentence goes like this…

Eat what you want, whenever you want, while slowly changing what your body craves.

There you go.

Master that one, and your life will never be the same.

If you’ve got the ‘eat whatever you want’ part down, and are ready to learn the ‘slowly change what your body craves’ part of that sentence, that’s exactly what we teach in our Lose Weight for The Last Time Program.

Sign up here:

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Jason Su
If an old-school dad can open his heart, you can change how you eat

My husband and I video-chatted with a couple of friends the other day.

It was actually our friends, Monique and Rebecca, who are a couple, and both sets of their parents.

All to congratulate my husband who just graduated from his master’s program here at Penn.

We moved from LA to Philly for school, and haven’t been the best at keeping in touch.

Anyway, we were all waving and smiling, and saying ‘it’s so nice to see you’, when towards the end of the call, Monique showed us her belly.

She’s 6 months pregnant.

This very exciting news highlighted how bad we’ve been at keeping touch with people, but also how life can change in major ways, very quickly.

However, this story is not about Monique.

It’s about her dad, who was there on the call.

He was grinning the whole time, as proud as any expectant grandfather would be.

I was immediately reminded of Rebecca and Monique’s wedding a few years ago, while I was seated at the most idyllic candle-lit country farm table, chowing down on my third serving of some delicious tacos, he made a toast appreciating his daughter and her new wife, for expanding his previously narrow definition of love and family. It was an all around tear-jerker.

Fast forward to the other day, and I’d go out on a limb to say that this man who had resisted his daughter’s choices so much in the beginning, probably wouldn’t change a thing.

My guess is when he first found out his daughter didn’t date men, it shook him to the core. His identity was challenged. And he most likely thought accepting her would mean he would have to give up things he had always assumed he would have - i.e. a son-in-law and grandchildren.

He didn’t get a son-in-law, he got one of the best daughters-in-law a man could ask for, and soon a grandkid!

Why am I telling you all this?

It’s just as radical to attempt to change how you see yourself.

You can’t change your body, or your relationship to food, without re-imagining who you are from the inside out.

And, it’s hard to do without thinking you’re going to have to give up things you love - and foods you enjoy - that are linked with people and memories you want to keep.

Jason and I are here to tell you, that while it may look a little different than you imagine, you can have it all - a great life, a happy, healthy, fit body and still enjoy delicious food you love


You’re willing to let go of your notions of how things are supposed to look, and how you’re gonna get there.

Or maybe I’m just writing about all this because I’m super excited my friend is pregnant.

Either way, you should join us here:

Kate (& Jason)

Jason Su
Steph Curry's weight loss secret

I saw a commercial the other night, that in true American sports fashion was an over-dramatized highlight reel of Steph Curry’s life, dubbed with pithy sayings expressing the thoughts in his head during the pivotal moments that got him to where he is today.

The last image was of him winning a championship, then a fade to black…

He stares straight at the camera, saying:

“The mind is where every challenge I’ve ever faced has been won or lost.”

He disappears, and the words “Train the mind. The body will follow” take over the screen.


The ad was for a big insurance company.

Which was highly amusing to me because the message is so anti-the-traditional-medical-establishment, it would make most western MD’s laugh their pants off.

But celebrity and drama is a selling combo. And who knows, maybe this insurance company has actually caught on to Steph Curry’s secret. It would certainly save them big buckeroos.

Anyway, my main point here is that the idea that every battle is fought first in your mind, and then in your body, is commonly accepted in the sports world.

And almost nowhere else.

It’s like a not-very-secret secret.

I don’t know much about sports but from what I can tell, almost ALL sports superstars do some kind of mental training, in addition to their physical training.

Getting your mind aligned with where you want your body to go is considered JUST as important as working out.

Big tough guys talk about visualization like eating Wheaties for breakfast. Nobody poo-poos it. And it’s certainly not considered woo-woo.

Cause it works.

Yet the rest of society bumbles along huffing and puffing, counting calories, cleansing and eliminating, all while ignoring this essential mind component because they either don’t know about it, or they don’t believe it makes that big a difference.

But it does make a difference.

A huge one.

And, the great thing is you don’t have to be an athlete or superstar to tap into the power of your mind.

You just have to know how.

That's what we teach here:

Kate (& Jason)

Jason Su
I used to sit alone in the dark eating cupcakes

A couple times a week, I used to sit in the dark eating two cupcakes.

I would buy two so that the person selling them to me wouldn't think I was a single guy eating a cupcake alone on a Wednesday night. So instead, I was a single guy eating two cupcakes alone on a Wednesday night (but at least I had the imaginary respect of the cupcake vendor).

I didn't know if I would ever find love, or stop eating so much sugar. It all seemed like a faraway dream from where I was sitting ...

And now today, I travel the world with the woman I love. I’m writing this while we’re sitting next to each other outside our Airbnb.

The sugar cravings feel like something from two lifetimes ago, and I know in my heart that I'll never go back to compulsive eating or worrying about my weight ever again.

I've made it to the other side.

All of which is to say:

Nothing is impossible.

Even if it seems that way now.

You can have the relationship with food that you've always wanted…
You can lose the weight, feel amazing in your body, take back your power, and have the life you crave with the people you love.

If you're doing something similar to my double cupcake adventures, and you feel an urgency inside you to make a big change because you suspect there's a better way of life on the other side.

You're right. There is.

If you want guidance as you take this big leap, let us know, we’d love to be the ones to get you set up with all the tools and skills you need, and pointed in the right direction.

See you on the other side.

Jason (& Kate)


Jason Su