Intuitive Chef:
The Cookbook With No Recipes

If you want to improve your long-term health and your bank account, you need to deepen your connection with food.

You can transform your body and your relationship to food simply by changing the way you cook.

The “Intuitive Chef”, written by Jason Su, can help you do just that.

If you want to:

  • Save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year
  • Eat healthier ingredients cooked to your exact liking
  • Be the person walks into the kitchen and whips up something delicious regardless of what’s available
  • Wow your friends and family, and yourself, with the food you prepare
  • Learn 6 tricks to effortlessly make delicious food that appeals to you everyday
  • Make planning what you make for dinner a treat instead of a chore
  • Turn cooking for yourself into a creative outlet, rather than a job
  • Learn the 2 secrets to making food that always tastes delicious without recipes
  • Make better-than-restaurant quality food at home
  • Discover the 11 simple techniques chef use to make great food

This is a cookbook without recipes.

It’s 63 pages, packed with the highest impact tools you need in order to plan and prepare delicious, beautiful meals with ease.

There is no baking, and no sugary treats.

Just powerful concepts and techniques to get you start along the path of discovering your own unique style in the kitchen - and draw rave reviews from those lucky enough to get to enjoy your delicious creations.

No matter how good a cook you already are, this book will teach you how to up your game.

Sections include:

Cooking with Your Senses
Rules for Success in the Kitchen
Keep Showing Up
Cooking Techniques

This information is not available anywhere else, and takes most people years in the kitchen to learn (if they ever do).

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